At P&T we are sure of the potential of every company to compete in foreign markets, and we want to be the bridge that helps them reach markets around the globe.

Experience in the business

Thanks to our experience of several years both in Spain and in other countries, we know well the issues that companies have to face when it comes to internationalization: lack of knowledge of the foreign markets, limited resources and large investments that almost never guarantee results.

Hands-on from day one

Therefore, our internationalization actions always start by deeply getting to know our clients, and working hand in hand with them in every project. Their success in the market is our success. We like to say we become our own client and speak in the first person.

Immediate results

Part of the great value of the promotional actions we create for our clients is the success in terms of business deals, profits -and in the short term.


We know that any international action is a great investment for the client, and results are not always guaranteed. Our goal is to minimize the cost of these actions, and to ensure the maximum possible results, something that has provided us the trust of our customers.

Passion and good taste

We know that no one can sell your products or services better than yourself. The same thing happens to us: nobody better than us to explain what we do. We enjoy doing what we do, and our clients can tell. We do everything with passion and good taste. We are Passion & Taste.

What we do


Market entry

Landing at a different country is never easy.

  • Tailored market research and reports on opportunities for internationalization.
  • Highest-quality trade databases for any industry, any country in the world.
  • Planning of meeting schedules with selected contacts.
  • Direct trade missions for companies and for groups or associations.
  • Assistance in the target market for all business trips.


Marketing & PR

Communication is key. Must always be specifically modulated for each target market and audience.

  • Full-scale marketing campaigns.
  • Cross-marketing: use of influencers from other areas.
  • Online marketing campaigns.
  • PR and crisis management.
  • Events and pop-up actions.
  • Trade shows attendance, representation and participation.


Sales representatives and Business development

An in-house international sales network is too expensive. Let us handle it.

  • Management of international sales networks.
  • Sales representation in the targeted markets.

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